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Finding the Funny

Durango, for a small town, is very fortunate to have an abundance of theater and comedy talent in the local community. We’ve been working with two amazingly talented entrepreneurs / comic geniuses to brand and launch a new improv comedy group, Lower Left, that provides classes, performances, and training for the Four Corners region. Paying […]

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Monogram Magic

One of the reasons we love being designers is the challenge and gratification of solving problems posed by our clients. Conceiving and building a logo? Not a problem. But building a personal brand identity system with multiple versions that can also seamlessly transition into a second-phase design down the road? Now the wheels are spinning!

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Brisket Brilliance

Ah, beef brisket. The gold standard of BBQ — and the most difficult cook to master. Trust us (and virtually every pitmaster out there) — you will fall short of expectations early and often when learning how to tame these unforgiving cuts of meat. But when you get it right, nothing is more satisfying than

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Lemonade from Lemons

Broken down copiers? Burnt out light blubs? We all have annoying problems that come up in our offices. But a building falling on your building? Well, that gives you reason to complain! One of our clients, New City Moving, actually had a neighboring building collapse on their space (thankfully at night, when no one was

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Gluten Glory

Don’t fear the gluten, my friends! I mean, really, what good meal is complete without some savory, warm, buttery, crunchy bread? We’ve had our sourdough starter in overdrive during the “downtime” (e.g., pandemic), whipping up some tasty loaves, baguettes, rolls, even focaccia! While it can take some practice and patience to get your technique down,

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Polishing a Platform

Medium Rare recently completed a brand study and messaging project for Ligl, which was in the process of converting to a new company name built around their cornerstone product. Ligl is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering for the eDiscovery realm that manages every step of the litigation and investigation lifecycle of court cases. Combining and orchestrating

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Detroit Rocks

As natives of Chicago, pizza is in our blood (perhaps a bit too much, according to our physicians). Plus, we work with some of the best pizza joints in the city. But one hidden delicacy in the Midwest we’ve come to love is “Detroit-style pizza,” a deep-dish cousin with a crispy, crunchy, cheesy crust. We’ve

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nipsy timzy

Adventure & Learning

The Adventures of Nipsy & Timzy is a moving and sophisticated children’s book series written to captivate young readers while exposing them to above-level vocabulary and positive messaging about social acceptance. Conceived and written by a decorated U.S. Army paratrooper while serving in Iraq, Medium Rare partnered with the writer and an experienced illustrator to

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Tomahawk Time!

Every once in a while, a splurge is necessary! These Flintstone family favorites are well marbled, rich, buttery, satisfying ribeyes with the “Frenched” bone still attached. A real show-stopper, they usually clock in around 3 lbs, so you can comfortably feed a few people really well with one steak. We are big advocates of the

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Uniting Passion & Potential

Medium Rare recently completed a brand launch for TalentMBA, a boutique talent matching service that brings together the unlimited potential of small businesses and motivated MBA students. The business finds MBA internship candidates and matches them with fast-growing clients, primarily startups and entrepreneurs who have the need but not the time to find and integrate

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