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Tomahawk Time!

Every once in a while, a splurge is necessary! These Flintstone family favorites are well marbled, rich, buttery, satisfying ribeyes with the “Frenched” bone still attached. A real show-stopper, they usually clock in around 3 lbs, so you can comfortably feed a few people really well with one steak. 

We are big advocates of the reverse sear method when cooking cuts of meat this thick. Generously season it up with salt, pepper, and garlic — not much more is needed. Throw it on the smoker (or charcoal grill, or even in the oven) at 225° and let it come up to within 10° of your final cooking temp, then pull ’em and wrap in foil while you get a skillet smoking hot. Sear on each side for 2 minutes, remove, and re-wrap in foil to rest for 10 minutes. Then throw your carmelized creation on the cutting board and carve (always against the meat grain!), watching the juices run while the smell fills the room. Go time!

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