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Monogram Magic

One of the reasons we love being designers is the challenge and gratification of solving problems posed by our clients. Conceiving and building a logo? Not a problem. But building a personal brand identity system with multiple versions that can also seamlessly transition into a second-phase design down the road? Now the wheels are spinning!

This client came to us with a multi-pronged request. 1: create a personal brand mark using his initials. 2: translate that look and feel into a parallel logo using his nickname. 3: formulate a plan for how the personal logos can potentially transition into a political logo down the road.

We started the process with an extensive logotype exploration and concept study to determine the client’s style preferences. Drawn to geometric shapes and symmetrical forms, we conceived a grid-based geometric type style that translated well to both forms. Both logos are built to work alone, but visually reinforce each other — if you see one, and then the other, you realize they are part of a matching set, reinforcing the overall brand.

Check back soon to see the third phase design. We don’t want to jump the gun, so we’re keeping it under wraps until the proper moment arises.

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