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Durango, for a small town, is very fortunate to have an abundance of theater and comedy talent in the local community. We’ve been working with two amazingly talented entrepreneurs / comic geniuses to brand and launch a new improv comedy group, Lower Left, that provides classes, performances, and training for the Four Corners region.

Paying homage to our location in the lower left corner of Colorado, the bold/modern logo situates the logotype in the lower left corner of the state’s rectangular shape. We also created a complementary square icon with an “LL” pointing to the lower left corner for use on socials and promotions/wearables. While the logo is primarily used in black and white, a palette of bold colors is employed to define different elements of the business.

The website offers general overview information, resources, and registration/payment capabilities for classes and live shows. A robust back-end system allows administrators to update class and show listings while also integrating with outbound marketing and POS systems, simplifying management, ticket sales, merchandise offerings, and class oversight. This infrastructure enabled a smooth launch of the business.

We have worked with the owners to build a scalable foundation for success that allows them to focus on expanding the business and growing mindshare in the community without having to worry about technical hassle. We lend our design expertise to ongoing promotions and look forward to many years of supporting the efforts of this visionary group.

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