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Polishing a Platform

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Medium Rare recently completed a brand study and messaging project for Ligl, which was in the process of converting to a new company name built around their cornerstone product. Ligl is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering for the eDiscovery realm that manages every step of the litigation and investigation lifecycle of court cases. Combining and orchestrating legal hold, data integrations, preservations, forensic collections, and discovery processing in one consolidated platform, Ligl drastically improves efficiency and outcomes while reducing overhead and hassle.

We worked with the management and marketing teams to define top-level benefits and outline the best route for building a new marketing system. Based upon our conversations and market research, we forged a comprehensive copy document with benefits, boilerplate, and market-specific content for targeted sales outreach. This was paired with a brand identity study, wherein we created a new logo featuring an integrated icon that embodies the 7-step process their software coordinates. The circular icon also represents the replicable, ongoing process through which clients are navigated. A correlative icon set mimics the color scheme and modern feel of the brand mark.

ligl logo
The client eventually decided to go with a logo and color scheme developed by the internal marketing team. We then worked with stakeholders to build out print collateral, digital graphics, case studies, and infographics for the successful rollout of the new brand.
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