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An Intelligent Brand Evolution

For every small business, the time comes when you need to evolve and take  risks to encourage growth, or simply roll on with the status quo. Intelligent Plumbing, a 30-year old, highly regarded service provider of plumbing and drainage services, chose the former path, moving to add HVAC services to their maintenance portfolio while expanding staff.

Along with this decision came the necessity for a re-branding effort and a fresh marketing campaign, at which point Medium Rare came aboard to help them navigate the waters and plan for success. After many brainstorming sessions with stakeholders, a new name was agreed upon: Intelligent Service, a broad enough name to allow for future growth while still encapsulating the core business.

The Intelligent Plumbing brand was built around providing “elevated” trade services that are done in an intelligent manner, with primary focus always placed on customer service and superior products. The existing identity system featured a modern typeface and a branded Einstein character, and was easily recognizable to the customer base. We moved to modernize the identity system rather than rebooting, evolving both the logotype and character to forge a clean and progressive brand presentation that conveys trust and stability, transcending the usual clip-art graphics associated with service trade businesses.

With a new identity system established, we then moved to announce the new brand and expanded service offerings to existing customers, while using the evolution as a chance to reach out to prospects. Personalized direct mail, collateral materials, membership cards and a redesigned website all work to establish the high quality and elevated nature of the brand, laying a foundation for growth and prolonged success.

A redesigned truck fleet employs the new brand colors and graphics. For eye-catching promotional outreach, we also create a “heritage brand” with a young Einstein to illustrate the mature, trustworthy nature of the business and the evolving nature of the service collection.

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Says Jason Kerr, President of Intelligent Service, “Medium Rare helped us leverage our expanded service offering and brand recognition to capture new clients while building incremental business from existing customers. We were very attached to and comfortable with our existing identity after decades of use, but they managed to help us modernize and present an image that gives us a distinctive presence and competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

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