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Medium Rare recently completed a brand evolution for Undecom, a global talent search engine for investigators and security specialists.

Undecom was built to eliminate the pervasive resource gap between investigatory professionals and consultants who can help them complete profitable, hassle-free projects. The crowdsourced networking platform connects users with investigators, forensic specialists, detectives, intelligence pros, security experts, and legal consultants, providing quick and easy access to a global pool of proven talent.

As Undecom entered its second year in the market, the stakeholders realized that as their business grew and word of mouth spread through the industry, they needed to enhance their brand presentation so that their offering visually embodied the quality of the service.

Medium Rare was engaged to update the corporate marketing collection, including identity, messaging, print, digital, and sales collateral.

We took the existing Undecom logo and transitioned it into a more functional and interesting form that tells the brand story. With an integrated icon that embodies a target/search area, the blue dot then translated to an icon set that uses the dot in every element.

undecom logo
Working in conjunction with Undecom’s development team, we redesigned their website to provide quick and easy search functionality for time-starved users. Working to serve two user groups — professionals looking for experts, and experts looking to join the database — we integrated direct access to content zones for critical users. Once the site was live, we augmented the launch with a social media campaign that touted the benefits of the new site and using/joining the service.
Undecom website

Identity and digital components were then extended to sales collateral, from brochures and sponsorship materials to conference displays.

Undecom collateral
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