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Workspaces that work
A pioneer in the creation of modular, adaptable furniture for workspaces of every shape and size, Modular Millwork helps market leaders, global brands, creative thinkers, and life savers create workspaces that, simply put, work. Functional. Affordable. Flexible. All built on a scale of one, allowing end users to personalize efficiency and comfort.
The Challenges:
  • Redefining and building excitement for a mature brand (30 years) that serves a global client base through word of mouth, with limited brand promotion.
  • Working with the ownership team to forge a new brand identity and marketing system to boost sales and aid in attracting potential buyers for the business.
The Ingredients:
  • Branding
  • Research
  • Print
  • Digital
  • Architectural/3D
  • Copywriting
  • Advertising
  • Promotions
  • Social Media
  • Environmental
  • Wearables
The existing Modular Millwork brand was fractured, with multiple logos employed across marketing materials. We built a new logo that embodies the brand and its basic premise: using strong, structural frames (gray block) in conjunction with adaptable, modular elements (red block) to create personalized, efficient workspaces. We paired the logo with strong, modern type; a new tagline, “Workspaces That Work;” and a visually consistent icon set that defines vertical markets.
MM old logos
modular millwork logo
modular millwork logo
modular millwork hat
modular millwork cards
We research, wrote and designed a new collection of print materials to support the sales team while introducing the new brand identity to a larger audience.
work from home desk
wellness cart
greenville zoo
modular millwork catalog
modular millwork website
The Impact
The bold new marketing program had an immediate impact, attracting new business opportunities as well as potential investors. Our work helped the ownership team achieve their goal of selling the business, enticing and securing a buyer in 12 months (faster than expected) while driving a profitable and satisfying transaction.

“Medium Rare delivered exceptional results with focused creativity to relaunch our national branding and marketing programs, repositioning our company as the innovative industry leader. We could not be more pleased with their proactive and total support of our business goals and the results achieved."

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