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Bike and Roll has evolved from a collection of local bicycle rental and tour operators into a unified market leader for active tourism. Medium Rare worked with local ownership groups to build consensus, embolden visuals and fine-tune messaging to appeal to a broad international audience. The outcome: building one of the leading active tourism companies in the United States.

The Challenges:
  • To visually and functionally unify a collection of independently owned and operated businesses under one corporate brand.
  • Growing existing markets while expanding into new urban environments.
The Ingredients:
  • Branding
  • Research
  • Print
  • Digital
  • Architectural/3D
  • Advertising
  • Promotions
  • Social Media
  • Environmental
  • Photography
Blending a unique local voice with baseline design standards, we create distinctive marketing materials that generate leads and enhance enjoyment of the bicycle tourism experience. Bright colors, fun copy, and bold photography combine to capture tourist mindshare as well as DMC and tour group requests.

Employing universal design and development standards in conjunction with local content, we built best-in-class websites for individual cities to drive local business while reinforcing the national brand. All cities in the network benefit from cross-pollination of national programs into local content. Specialty sites also exist to promote content for significant, standalone events.

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Events & Promotions
To drive sales and incremental income, we work with individual cities to brand, promote and drive participation in unique outings/tours, as well as selling promotional keepsake merchandise.
Environmental Graphics
Medium Rare creates vibrant, informative retail environments that capture attention and drive sales. Whether organizing tour groups, capturing walk-up traffic, or informing decision making, environmental graphics always reinforce the fun, healthy, and exciting nature of “the event.”
The Impact
Working with the independents owners, we developed design standards and umbrella marketing programs that could be personalized for each city. As the marketing “hub” for all participating cities, we were able to build consistency and personality into outreach programs. As existing cities thrived, ownership jointly moved to build a powerful network of 11 locations ringing Manhattan and Brooklyn.

“It is no small feat to forge consensus and create consistent, streamlined marketing programs when working with multiple stakeholders, but they made it happen (and amazingly, even made it fun!). Simply put, Medium Rare helped us achieve goals and conquer new markets through planning and design that elevated us above the competition. A pleasure to work with!

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