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Discovering the “IT” Factor

Founded as a general services information technology firm, George Jon has evolved into a market pioneer in services, support and infrastructure design for demanding eDiscovery users around the globe. Building and perfecting a proprietary ecosystem for high-volume, highly demanding customers, George Jon is constantly evolving as a business and growing by the day.

The Challenges:
  • To constantly update and augment an identity system and marketing materials for a ever-evolving client in a fast-paced, fluid industry.
The Ingredients:
  • Branding
  • Research
  • Print
  • Digital
  • Architectural/3D
  • Copywriting
  • Advertising
  • Promotions
  • Social Media
  • Environmental
  • Wearables
  • Partnerships
george jon identity
We employ colorful, isometric illustrations and benefits-driven copy in George Jon print materials. All service offerings are included in one comprehensive catalog, which can be periodically updated in one document, but exported as individual sections/files for specific client outreach.
george jon brochures
gj brochures
To help users quickly visualize and digest the services/benefits that George Jon offers to a complicated niche industry, we created a virtual world to explain the “journey” that professionals embark on and how George Jon can help them excel at every step of the process.
george jon illustrations
We worked with the client to define and organize their collection of service offerings. High-level categories and individual elements were then placed into a chart, the “Elements of Perfection,” that defines George Jon’s areas of service. Employing a honeycomb/hexagon visual system, we built a variety of icons to define offerings in marketing materials. This shape was carried through to the development of custom bezels and nameplates, done in partnership with the Dell OEM team.
george jon elements
george jon hardware

To further augment customer understanding of George Jon services/benefits, we used the vast empty spaces on hardware packaging to tell a story. Using a series of custom illustrations and two narrative paths — the “Path to Perfection” and the “Elements of Perfection” — we create interest and understanding before users even open their boxes. The paths wind around the box, culminating at the tagline on top of the box. We modified the design to fit on nine different box sizes/shapes.

george jon packaging
To enhance George Jon’s amazing office space, we created a number of custom art installations, wayfinding graphics, and playful design elements to give the environment a fun, creative, unique vibe.
george jon neon
george jon cd award
george jon wayfinding
george jon wayfinding
george jon elevator
george jon dispensers
The Impact
George Jon has grown from a 3-person startup to a 50-person, internationally recognized expert in their discipline. Medium Rare has taken George Jon through multiple phases of growth, from a startup working to establish a foothold to a market leader. The brand is constantly evolving, and marketing programs are built to be inherently flexible so that copy and content can be updated (quickly and easily) to match changes in the business and industry.

“Medium Rare has worked with us since the early days of our business. At every stage of our evolution, they have created flexible, informed materials that helped us win projects, establish programs, and become who we are today. Their creative and organizational skills have been invaluable.”

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