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Brisket Brilliance

Ah, beef brisket. The gold standard of BBQ — and the most difficult cook to master. Trust us (and virtually every pitmaster out there) — you will fall short of expectations early and often when learning how to tame these unforgiving cuts of meat. But when you get it right, nothing is more satisfying than […]

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Gluten Glory

Don’t fear the gluten, my friends! I mean, really, what good meal is complete without some savory, warm, buttery, crunchy bread? We’ve had our sourdough starter in overdrive during the “downtime” (e.g., pandemic), whipping up some tasty loaves, baguettes, rolls, even focaccia! While it can take some practice and patience to get your technique down,

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Detroit Rocks

As natives of Chicago, pizza is in our blood (perhaps a bit too much, according to our physicians). Plus, we work with some of the best pizza joints in the city. But one hidden delicacy in the Midwest we’ve come to love is “Detroit-style pizza,” a deep-dish cousin with a crispy, crunchy, cheesy crust. We’ve

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Tomahawk Time!

Every once in a while, a splurge is necessary! These Flintstone family favorites are well marbled, rich, buttery, satisfying ribeyes with the “Frenched” bone still attached. A real show-stopper, they usually clock in around 3 lbs, so you can comfortably feed a few people really well with one steak. We are big advocates of the

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crispy tofu

A Time for Tofu

Tofu. Tofu? Tofu! Sure, we are dedicated carnivores in the Medium Rare test kitchen, but everyone needs an alternative protein now and then. For us, the best tofu has a crispy outer crust, seared or baked with some spices/breading. Paired with some stir-fried greens or nestled into a delicious broth, it makes for a very

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pork header

A Shoulder to Lean On

Sometimes, you just need a big ol’ batch of tasty food to feed a hungry group. Pulled pork is the perfect party dish all year round, whether a summer fiesta or winter post-ski pigout (literally). Fatty and flavorful, you can smoke up big chunks of pork to feed the crowd. Pulled pork is also very

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Savory Slabs

Few meals are as satisfying (or messy to eat) as smoked ribs. Fire up your smoker mid-morning for a low-and-slow session, and 5-6 hours later you will have some tender meat ready to melt in your mouth. St Louis dry rub versus southern slather? Baby backs (shorter ribs, more meat, less fat) or spare ribs

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Focaccia is one of the great Italian street foods, perfect to eat straight out of the oven. Whether you go for savory (think coarse salt, bold cheeses, brined olives) or sweet (we’ve made breakfast focaccia with eggs and syrup!), it’s always a satisfying meal that pleases your adoring audience! We start with our sourdough starter

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Uncommon Ramen

If your enduring memory of eating ramen centers around a white packet and a mug of water nuked in the microwave, well, we feel sorry for you. Because enjoying traditional (real) ramen is one of the great pleasures of life. It’s also one of the most time-consuming dishes you can make, but the commitment is

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