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Riding with angels

The Bike Center is a community cycling hub in SoCal, focused on serving both commuters/locals and tourists while providing public outreach and bicycle education programs. With locations in Santa Monica, Los Angeles and Culver City, the facilities offer equipment rentals/sales, accessories, tours, riding routes, locker rooms, repairs, and bike training programs.

The Challenges:
  • Evolving an existing brand and forging a new identity that captures attention in a crowded, urban market
  • Building a marketing program to highlight programs/benefits and generate sales
  • Working with the respective city transit departments to promote cycling
The Ingredients:
  • Branding
  • Print
  • Digital
  • Wearables
  • Advertising
  • Promotional Goods
  • Social Media
  • Environmental
The Bike Center identity program centers around a bike gear icon that is personalized with localized imagery, notably an angel for Los Angeles and the beachfront Ferris Wheel for Santa Monica. We created both clean and distressed versions of the logos, leaning in to an urban vibe.
the bike center los angeles
the bike center
the bike center santa monica
bike center biz cards
bike center shirts
Print collateral carries through the edgy, urban vibe in the identity system. Spray paint, pavement and sharp angles merge with bold imagery and playful headlines to build an in-your-face collection that captures attention and stands out from the crowd.
TBC brochure santa monica
TBC brochure los angeles
From signage and equipment accessories to event displays and promotional goods, we embrace the urban aesthetic in every piece.
TBC table wrap
TBC street sign
Outreach & Education
An advocate for safe riding, healthy commuting and universal accessibility for the local community, the Bike Center works on many projects in conjunction with their host cities. We add our skills to help further this cause, educating the community about the assets available to them for affordable, convenient mobility.
The Impact
Starting with one location in Santa Monica, The Bike Center’s community-focused values and quality service/equipment enabled them to expand into two more cities. Our efforts helped them grow their footprint, build a recognized brand, and establish a meaningful presence in the SoCal cycle community.

“Medium Rare is an invaluable partner for our business. Their ability to pull together a wide range of assets into a cohesive message is paramount to our success. We especially appreciate their ability to manage the entire creative process from concept to execution.”

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