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At the forefront of the personal mobility revolution, BCycle has been a leader and innovator in the bike share industry since its inception. Meshing custom-built Trek equipment and strategic partnerships with local cities/operators, BCycle enables convenient micromobility that is healthy, eco-conscious and fun.

The Challenges:
  • Establish baseline marketing programs and cornerstone graphics
  • Pursue development opportunities and close deals
  • Entice program sponsors and advertisers to support local programs
  • Develop and nurture fledgling programs in cities around the world
The Ingredients:
  • Branding
  • Print
  • Digital
  • Wearables
  • Advertising
  • Promotional Goods
  • Social Media
  • Environmental
Corporate Infrastructure
Our relationship with BCycle began with the planning, building and organizing of marketing assets for business development, sponsor solicitation, program development, and public outreach. We gathered/developed assets to supplement every aspect of the business, from letterhead, key fobs and promotional goods to equipment renderings, user instruction panels, and safety information. As the business grew and opportunities flourished, we worked to ensure that critical resources were in place to win jobs and facilitate successful launches, quickly and confidently.
bike panels
bike with panels
bike colors
Business Development
Bike share programs are popular with local governments who want to provide environmentally-friendly, congestion-clearing transit alternatives to their populations. We create eye-catching marketing materials that allow BCycle to put its best foot forward when pursuing new systems. Proposal covers, renderings, planning documents, maps and localized graphics — all help present a polished look and persuasive sales pitch to drive successful outcomes.
proposal covers
nyc bike share
plkanning docs
copenhagen bike share
Sponsors & Partners
As BCycle programs are funded by local governments who are ever mindful of bottom lines, it is imperative to defray infrastructure/operational costs with sponsorship and advertising programs. We work with BCycle to create sales collateral in support of pitch efforts, as well as working with sponsors/advertisers to design and implement system-wide campaigns.
under armour
pacer bike
Program Development
When a new BCycle program is established, we often work with the local teams to build customized launch and marketing programs that ensure a smooth implementation. Leveraging our bike share experience and existing materials from other cities, we work to build mindshare for the new system, get riders signed up, help everyone ride safely and confidently, and provide a framework for growth and success.
cincinnati map
san antonio map
clarksville map
el paso map
chicago station
airport ads
sa riverwalk
The Impact
BCycle has grown by leaps and bounds, rapidly expanding to serve 50+ cities on three continents. Continually innovating system infrastructure and operational efficiencies, BCycle has matured from an aspirational startup to one of the global leaders in the bike share industry.

"We have worked with Medium Rare for over 10 years. They were instrumental in helping us launch our program, and have continually guided our marketing programs in the years since. It has been a pleasure to have someone handle a variety of marketing projects with professionalism while keeping timelines and expenses in line. It is comforting to know I can reach out to a trusted partner, no matter how crazy my idea, and get creative, timely solutions that make a difference. Medium Rare gets things done."

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