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Making global connections
Alon is a global tourism expert, transforming travel products/destinations into thriving businesses with international clientele, healthy revenue and consistent growth. We worked with their amazing team to synchronize offerings and goals into a cohesive brand presentation and marketing system that embodies their core competencies: creators of connections, process-oriented sales and marketing experts, and bright and cheerful partners who want to see their clients thrive.
The Challenges:
  • Evolving a mature, successful brand through strategic design and fresh copy
  • Building and integrating new technologies to streamline operations while enhancing customer interactions
The Ingredients:
  • Branding
  • Print
  • Digital
  • Presentations
  • Environmental
  • Social Media
  • Tradeshows

The existing Alon brand, both in name and image, was no longer hitting the right notes to tell their brand story. Known since inception as Alon Marketing Group, we brainstormed new naming options to better align the brand with core offerings and goals, eventually deciding on a move to Alon Tourism Solutions.

Brand identity development focused on meshing Alon’s three primary vertical markets with colors and copy that capture the essence of tourism: cheerful, fun, exciting, aspirational. The resulting brand system embodies Alon’s mission: creators of connections, sales and marketing experts, and enthusiastic partners.

alon brand development
Extending the new identity to every element of the business, we created a collection of new materials to promote the evolution and set usage standards for future development. This was done in conjunction with in-person and online announcements to generate excitement and awareness.
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The new Alon website is built to convey high-level program information while generating interest and engagement. As Alon expands offerings and extends its reach to new segments of the tourism industry, they can rely upon an online presence that is built to evolve in lockstep with their business pursuits.
We’ve worked with Alon and their amazing client base over the last decade to plan, design and produce standout co-op conference displays that catch the eye and ensure a dynamic presence for each and every participant. Coordinating with the Alon team and individual clients, we ensure quality and consistency in every piece.
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The Impact
A known quantity in the tourism industry, we helped Alon refresh its brand to turn heads and generate leads, garnering praise from existing clients while gaining mindshare with high-profile prospects.

"Medium Rare is methodical in researching who you are as a business and magically transforming that knowledge into strategic positioning, language and design. We are so grateful for their diligence, creativity, and professionalism in helping us rebuild our business while we were dealing with the post-pandemic recovery of the tourism industry. They took the bull by the horns and helped us get there effectively and efficiently. We have only received compliments from everyone we know."

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