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Developing the perfect image
Sterling Bay is a leading real estate developer, investor and builder that reinvents properties and transforms communities. While they are always looking at the big picture, a great deal of their success comes from minding the details and showcasing their work to companies and residents. Medium Rare works with Sterling Bay to develop lifelike renderings that close deals.
The Challenges:
  • Visualizing and creating photorealistic renderings of unbuilt and existing spaces to facilitate sales presentations and close deals.
The Ingredients:
  • Architectural/3D
We conceived a bright and cheerful spa space in what was once an industrial space. Materials and finishes were planned to convey a modern aesthetic for appeal to the urban Millennial audience, filling a retail need missing in the surrounding neighborhood.
We worked with Sterling Bay’s design team on a redesign of a hotel lobby and bar. The retro aesthetic features warm wood finishes, oversized artwork, subtle lighting, and a romantic ambiance.
The Impact
Sterling Bay is redefining real estate development in Chicago, forging vital neighborhoods, workspaces, stores and residences that stand apart from the crowd. Medium Rare helps them gain mindshare and close deals, visualizing and bringing to life dynamic spaces that excite, intrigue, and captivate audiences.

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